Custom Jewelry

GemstoneOne way to be sure that you have an original piece is to take advantage of custom jewelry from Berry's Jewelers. Our jewelry store in Corpus Christi, TX has a wide variety of unique personalized pieces like diamond rings and gold jewelry to choose from.

People wear jewelry to make a statement. The pieces they wear reflect their style and personality. While many people carefully select pieces they find beautiful, we like to go the extra mile and custom craft pieces for you. That's our promise as a jewelry designer. If you have something in mind, we're happy to offer you options regarding custom jewelry. We also offer diamond settings servicing to give you the varying options of choosing how your ring band, necklace or earrings to be created, to the color and cut of the diamonds. We want you to be able to create a ring that is as unique as you are.

We carry a wide array of incredibly unique pieces made from precious stones, the finest gold, and other valuable materials. While you're here, why not check out our lineup of bridal rings or fine jewelry? Combining these different accessories together makes a powerful fashion statement.

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